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shruti water world

let's change the world with latest technology


                               OUR BUSINESS LOGO

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"shruti water world is unique name in the business of water world. our business logo of complete circle shows perfectness in work, one orange line indicates innovation, leadership and advance marketing in competitive is only the reason our company providing full support and bench mark contribution in Entrepreneurship development. LIONHAERT is the group of entrepreneurs."


~ Mr. Chirag Trivedi (CHAIR PERSON of Shruti Water World)


                                  Mr . Chirag P. Trivedi 

                     ~  Chairmen Of Shruti Water World

Mr. Paresh Makwana 

 ~  Vice Chairmen & Legal Adviser Of Shruti Water World

Mr. Vijendrasingh  Chauhan

  ~ General Manager Of LIONHEART Group, Director Of R & D

Mr. Amit K. Patel

 ~ Chief Director Of Marketing &  Management

Mr. Harsh Padiya 

 ~ Sales & Recruitment Head 

Mr.Prasad Pillai

 ~ Senior Technical Manager 



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Professional Help

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Project Details

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Careers & Future


We are experienced, highly qualified, and discreet professionals, with excellent references and a broad range of project training.We have years of experience to help you get the job done. When you want to get  your business organized, we are here to assist you.

Our commitment on which You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results. Through business consultancy we support your business position in marker as well as balance your profit in competitive market. Highly advanced team management run your business in fluidic motion in the market. your business credit will remain safe, while you with us.

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shruti water world dealing in Mineral water plants, Jar Project, Pouch Project, Packagaed drinking water Plant, Turnkey Base Projects and Fully Automatic Ro Plant with No manual touch Projects.

shruti water world offers latest technology machinery with quality materials like S.S.304/316 L grade steel.

Also, SWW introduced innovative WATER ATM  technology for human life.We mainly dealing autodrop bottle machine for every project. our export technical partners are very advanced and regular in service so, at regular time of interwal we comes with some new changes in machinery in market. Our projects are highly innovative & Robotic Automization on every Machinery C panel.welcome to visit our unit !

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If you are looking for bright future then we are waiting for you. We invite Only fresh engineers who willing to join our network and believe in self development. Shrutiwaterworld gives you space in market, credit in business or Promotional services of entrepreneurs development will teach you good lessons of business management. We required Management & Marketing person also for extension of our business. we required technically sound engineers for our profession.

Mail your resume to


if you have a well developed business management skills, innovative ideas & smart working professional ability then we are looking for you. Contact us Now!

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  We Are Listening You

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                              Feel Free To Contact Us:                      Ready To Support 24*7*365              Management Calling For You.